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It Takes a Village to Succeed: Hosting Xelure’s Offsite Team Building

Things are moving fast. I got back from Manila three weeks ago where we prepared for our launching of Xelure. There were many long days and nights depending on which time zone I was on, but I have to say I had no jet-lag issues for this trip. I think the reason for this was kicking off the trip with a team-building offsite which completely energized me for what was ahead of us.   

I have been to many team-building exercises over my career. Many of them were very inspiring, a focused event with the company leaders but unfortunately, that often ended there. Often the team members carried the new comradery and excitement back to work with them but many times the management team moved on, checking the “team-building” box, and forgetting the simple fact: no matter what size the company is, the culture comes from the top.  

By definition, the purpose of team-building activities is to motivate your people to work together, to develop their strengths, address any weaknesses, and overall, improve productivity and motivation.  But it all starts and end at the top.  

Well, now that it is my turn to be the “Leader”, I wanted to impress on my team that when you are a small company it takes a village to succeed, everyone wears multiple hats and no matter what job is being carried out we will all affect each other’s workflow.  But most importantly, it is my job to lead by example and empower them to carry on with everything we learned. 

I must say I was impressed with the energy from the team that day, the flowing ideas, the different teams working together to solve common problems, the appreciation of the various skills that different members brought to the table.   

Now you know why I felt no jet lag on the trip. But more importantly, I can see the core values we worked on and the enthusiasm from the offsite each and every day I work with my team in building our future.  I think I have achieved success in my new venture!  Now it’s my turn to Grow with Them.  #GrowWithUs 

For more pictures, you can also check out the album on Xelure’s Facebook page. 


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