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Xelure: The Take Off

It has been a busy quarter to kick off our fifth year! We added 10 people to join us on our adventure, we built out our web services team, hired a business development team, got through trademarking our new brand, challenged our creative team to rebuild and animate our website in under a month, and put a ton of effort into planning the launch of our new brand, Xelure

Starting a new business is not an easy venture. You have to balance taking on projects that will pay the bills vs. what will grow the business. It has taken a few years of providing many diverse solutions to my clients to figure out what I wanted my company to become. Luckily I found what I like to do best and that is building teams that solve problems.

Many of you in my network know me for the 15+ years innovating in the FIX technology industry for Javelin, NYFIX, and NYSE. What many of you didn’t realize what my side job was at all these places: building high performing teams on low budgets.

After a merger, acquisition, partnership or downsizing, I was often asked to rally the troops while still running the Appia enterprise software business. Sometimes this was figuring out how to get our new “Center of Excellence” to mesh with our other global teams or merge some of the product development teams while the new management structure was being decided. I was the guy who had to take what looked good on a spreadsheet and the bottom line and then deal with real-life aftershocks felt by the people who were affected by those decisions.

It wasn’t as bad as it sounds. To me, it was a problem to solve and a chance to work with a new bunch of creative people. I earned plenty of frequent flyer miles working with teams in New York, London, Tokyo, Boston, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, Belfast, and of course, Manila. I forged many relationships that have outlasted the professional relationship. This has all prepared me as I partner with long-time colleagues and friends Manny Santiago and Phil Santiago to launch Xelure Technologies. Together we created a trusted venue for small companies to grow by working together to build successful remote teams in Manila.

There are two things I can offer with Xelure: a remote low-cost, high-functioning team and the guidance your local managers need to be successful.

Let us incubate your firm with highly skilled resources in Manila that can contribute to your growth. It’s your team. It’s your operation. It’s your company. Come grow with us!

For more information on how Xelure can help your company grow, check out our Staff Leasing service page. Get our latest updates when you like, subscribe, and follow us on our social media channels. 



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