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Xelure Thanksgiving Roundtable 2019

A national holiday in the US, Thanksgiving is traditionally celebrated as a day of feasting and giving thanks for the bounties of the year. In the spirit of this holiday, we asked the Xelure team to share what they are thankful for this 2019, why, as well as how they plan to celebrate it or have celebrated it in the past. Here’s what everyone shared.  

August: I am most thankful for my family and friends. Because they’ve been there for me all throughout the year. And I’m thankful for my family’s good health as well. 

Jen: I’m thankful for my family, friends, and my partner. I’m very much thankful for all the people that surround me because they made my 2019 meaningful and happier. My loved ones continuously inspire me to strive hard and reach my goals in life. A simple celebration with my family, partner, and friends will do. We usually celebrate it at home, where my parents prepare all our favorite dishes and we’ll have a videoke or singing session. 

Kristine: For 2019, I’m thankful for the following blessings: good health, new apartment, investment opportunity, and my dad’s 80th birthday celebration.  

Lyan:  I am thankful that I graduated on time with no problem and got a job immediately because I can help my parents in paying for the school bills of my sister.

Rai: I am very thankful for this year’s opportunity to work here at Xelure and for my family’s good health. Working at  Xelure Technologies makes me thankful because I can put to use my talent and skill in many aspect and different ways.  We just gather for a small feast at home, do some karaoke, and have some drinks.  

Shaya: I am thankful for being able to finally understand what freedom is and create new beginnings for this year. I can withstand new trials in my life on my own. I am thankful for meeting new awesome people at work, a new environment, and new mindset.  I am thankful that I survived my greatest breakdown, from the smallest thing that stresses me out to my greatest disappointments in life which also helped me to keep moving forward. I will always do my best no matter how long it takes me. I know I will learn from those experiences.

I am thankful for how passion leads my life and I know that it can go on forever as long as I am thankful. But above all, I am thankful that I still feel great about the simplest form of kindness and joy that I see and experience with other people. I always love to travel, but for a change, I want it to be with my family. We never really went out of town entirely. I think that will be the dream for me. 

Tere:  In many ways, 2019 is a difficult year for me. I failed in achieving a personal goal for the year, went through heartbreak, and nearly lost a lifelong friendship. Considering how rough this year is for me, it seems I’d be hard pressed for things to be thankful for. But the funny thing is those are the very things that I am thankful for. Because without them — the crushing failure, devastating pain, crippling self-doubt, regret, and the feeling of being lost –  I would not know what I am capable of, how much work I still have to do in myself, and how necessary are the people in my life. 

That’s why Xelure’s theme of growth has special significance for me. To me, true growth is painful, difficult, and transformative. Not unlike passing through fire, I imagine. The false falls away. So one grows to one’s truest potential. For that, I am really thankful. Happily looking forward to celebrate this year with a year-end small press fair, dinner gatherings, and retreats with my family, friends, and partner.  

Jacqueline: This year, I’m thankful for 3 things – New Beginnings, New Learnings, and the company of both old and new people. Change is the only thing inevitable in life and when you recognize beauty and goodness in everything that changed in your life, there’s nothing else left to do but be grateful! I’ve experienced both the conventional family gathering with cranberry turkey type of celebration as well as the non-conventional drink all you can, party ‘til you drop exclusive clubbing. 😀 

Neil: I’m thankful for my family and for my new work family - Xelure. My family has always been there for me no matter what I’m going through and I just feel blessed to have them in my life. The past few weeks since I started working at Xelure, I find the atmosphere friendly and welcoming. The workplace has a positive vibe which I love and it inspires me to work more. 

Jao:  Thankful for the life and time that I was able to grab the opportunity to meet new friends, learn new things, and grow with Xelure which treats me as family. 

Roland: Safe delivery of my daughter. My wife had a complicated pregnancy. Very thankful that everything turned out well. 

Phil: I’m thankful in 2019 for my immediate and extended family who allows me to pursue my dreams.  My immediate family gives me the flexibility to work on my dreams, but allowing me to spend copious time around pursuing and creating the different items required to craft stories around the video/animation content.  

I’m most thankful for Jim Timmins, who has willingly supported my dream of a web services offering. He allowed me to build a top notch, award winning team who amazes me daily and puts the magic, the glitter, and the whimsy to my dreams.  

To Dr. Rob Conenello, who continually inspires me to push myself and “DO GREAT THINGS!” 

Thanksgiving for me is a day with family and pictures. I’m usually the person with the camera, taking pictures of food and people stuffing their faces.  We normally travel around the two states, New Jersey and New York, to visit both sides of our family.  This year we’re overbooked and are limiting ourselves to one state, New Jersey. 

Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!  

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