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Launching Web Services: The shroud of the internet has fallen, begun the click wars have

The consumption of digital video increases exponentially every day. The adage of “I’d rather SEE a sermon than HEAR one” is fervently commonplace.  Currently, all businesses are fighting for eyeballs and if you allow me to wax poetically as Yoda, intimating in the prequel trilogy, “The shroud of the internet has fallen, begun the click wars have.” 

To date, video accounts for 80% of internet traffic. 

With the rise of multiple video apps, like TikTok, Mixer, and Periscope competing with YouTube, Twitch, and Vimeo, it’s clear that people want to consume stories through this medium.  Marketing firms agree that consumer engagement and click-thru rates (CTR) increase when using video versus static information.   

Anecdotally, I have found that video with a compelling story draws far more attention than any article. So, I started investing time in my side hustle to tell good stories through video:   

  • I brought NFL Films-like quality sports videos for local high schools, full of sights and sounds along with phenomenal voiceover performances; 
  • I crafted athletic resumes for college-bound athletes using their performance in their respective sports; 
  • I molded living videos from photographs taken at milestone events in life, like baptisms, weddings, and parties;  
  • I captured several speakers’ presentations who shared their ideas publicly.  I branded their events and made the event consumable online.   

Stories are how we remember, and digital stories last forever. 

From when I started this endeavor, I have two personal goals:  1.  the content must evoke emotion, 2.  it must garner repeat viewing.  From my perspective, content that elicits emotion will generate repeat viewing organically.  This is the reason why do we watch superhero movies, and consume Disney products, repeatedly?  I am fortunate enough to take my hobby’s core tenets and convert them into a business opportunity with Xelure.  We’ve put together a core team of creative individuals looking to re-ANIMATE content.   

Marrying good stories with great video, animation, sound effects, and music is a creative passion that beats in the heart of Xelure.  Our bold creatives enjoy stitching these distinct assets together.  Today, most company websites do not leverage the potential of the video medium.  Xelure desires to “re-animate” your web content, be it on your website or social media platforms.   

Our goal is to craft great stories around your brand and corporate assets. We’ll craft branding videos for your website.  From graphic media, animation, to Full HD video, Xelure will tell your story.  We want to architect marketing campaigns for your company on social media platforms, like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok, and more.  Increasing the viral possibilities of your company’s content is our game.  

“Content is King” and Xelure Technologies strives to be Kingmakers.   

For more details on how our creatives team can help your business, check out our Web Services page. You can also like, subscribe, and follow us on our social media channels: 

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