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Recruiting technology resources in the Philippines requires technology. Xelure provides technical interviews, assessments and evaluations so you don’t have to

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The second round was even faster… Submitting results, taking on responsibilities their first week…

Andrew Yanner

Operations Manager


Understanding YOU!

We interview you about your company, team and the role. Then we create a job Profile designed to attract the top candidates

Our proprietary RMS shortlists candidates using algorithms that screen applicants’ profiles based on their knowledge and work experience and a SME consultation that confirm compatibility


Uncovering Job Seekers

Making a Match

Only the Best Candidates are given The Xelure Endorsement and introduced to you to select your perfect match.
  • Screening Interview Answers
  • Skills Based Resume​
  • Job Description and Candidate Profile Skills Match​
  • Technical Assessment Results​
  • SME Endorsement Summary​
  • Candidate Comparison


Not Just a RESUME!

Sorry, we are not a BPO
We are Team Builders!

As a pioneer in the Philippines, we established a unique process in building remote teams in the Philippines.   We are uniquely experienced to help expand businesses offshore. Let us remove the common pitfalls of outsourcing and build you a dedicated team with experience in your respective industry and/or technology.

Xelure Technologies empowers your small business’ growth by building  a bridge to great resources in the Philippines!

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