Frequently Asked Questions

Got Questions? We’ve got you covered. Get to know Xelure by browsing through our Frequently Asked Questions below.
General FAQs
What is Xelure Technologies
Xelure Technologies specializes in providing custom staffing, consulting, and technology solutions that can help your business grow. We offer Staff Leasing, Web Services, On-Demand CTO Services, and Tech Services to startups, SMEs, and corporates.
Why should I partner with Xelure?
Our founders have over 25 years of experience working in the financial services and technology industry. We have a proven track record of empowering businesses to grow by building quality technology teams and solutions that significantly reduce costs and time to market. We see ourselves as your collaborative strategic partner who is invested in and committed to your success.
Why should I join Xelure?
From its beginnings, Xelure Technologies has been pairing up great talent with great technology organizations. We are not like other BPOs; we are career builders, offering a family culture that challenges you technically and prepares you for your career – with us or the next employer that suits you best.
Staffing Services
There are a lot of BPO (Business Process Offshoring) organizations. What makes Xelure different?
Our founders have been building and operating technology teams for over 25 years. We not only use that experience to find you high-quality technology resources, but we work with your local teams and managers. We help them navigate working with tech resources in other offices and managing remote teams. We also know how to build culture and retain resources so you are not spending time retraining and losing productivity.
What is the difference between OUTSOURCING and STAFF LEASING?
Instead of hiring a company to which you outsource a body of work or tasks or handle your operations – Staff Leasing allows you to hire consultants who report directly to your line managers.

Your Xelure remote staff works 100% exclusively for you and your projects. They become valued members of your team that you can trust interfacing with your customers.
Isn't the Philippines known for Call Centers and Back-Office operations?
Yes, the Philippines is one of the world’s top outsourcing destinations. Because of its educated workforce with an excellent work ethic and proficient English language skills, many international firms have established their call centers and back-offices here. But the Philippines is now producing second and third-generation technology resources, many with international firm experience. Xelure has been hiring and training Level II & III engineers for almost 20 years.
What kinds of roles and projects does it make sense to source in the Philippines?
Smart companies have been hiring resources who can enhance their NOC, SOC, and Application Service Desk as well as to build their Development and QA teams. Given the +8 GMT timezone and willingness to work any shift, your Xelure remote team forms a perfect handoff from your core U.S. and E.U. operation.

It may be just what you need for your growing company to service your clients 24/7 or extend the productivity of your core technology teams. You’ll find excellent English skills but also certified engineers in ITIL, Cisco, Microsoft, AWS, and even Series 7&63 who can work independently and have been collaborating with their counterparts all around the world.
Why not just hire freelancers or from the job sites?
First, it is highly likely that the database of people you see online are people not actively looking for a job. Second, unless you have time to train a resource on your industry domain or immediately have a creative report with you, it is unlikely that the work is going to be done the way you want it the first or second time around.

What seemed like a cheap solution turns out to be just that: cheap. Hiring a resource that is vetted by experienced technology hiring managers, evaluated throughout the year by Xelure and yourself, and then dedicated to you and your project will not only save you money but will help you make money faster and for the long term.