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Xelure brings decades of experience building global teams for startups and large enterprises. For our partner companies, we have built high-performing teams and helped them establish offshore sites here in the Philippines. 

25+ Teams Built

500+ Staff deployed

12+ Happy clients

30+ Technical Roles

20+ Business segments

5+ Countries reached

Our Leaders

Meet the powerhouse team behind Xelure Technologies. Our leaders are industry experts and creative problem solvers, with years of experience in making things happen.
Jimmy Timmins
CEO / Co-Founder

Jimmy has 25+ years of experience in the financial service industry as a technologist and business-line owner. After helping the ICE® and NYSE® Technologies sell off their technology divisions in 2014, he started AFIX Solutions, a company founded to help his clients find the best FIX and IT-based solutions in a CTO On-Demand capacity. Jimmy enjoys the challenge of providing intuitive solutions to complex problems and building the teams around the world that come together to solve them.

Manny Santiago
COO / Co-Founder

Manny’s broad range of experience spanning 20+ years as a Systems Engineer for ERP and SCM solutions, and 15 years as Founder/CEO of FIX Asia prepared him for starting up XOI Information Technology Services. As a seasoned local team builder, his ability to recruit and develop talents, navigate local laws and employment regulations, and his experience in domestic facility management have rewarded many global companies in their pursuit of business growth in the Philippines.

Phil Santiago
Managing Director

With 19+ years of experience, Phil continues to integrate technical solutions across multiple sectors. Throughout his career, Phil managed, developed, executed, and delivered solutions proactively with efficiency and effectiveness. He is known for quickly grasping the technologies behind products and services. With a keen critical eye, Phil analyzes various technologies available for solving a particular problem. Phil’s talents and management are in full display within Xelure’s DNA.

Xelure Timeline

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