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PH Internet Context and Challenges in the Next Normal

To understand the evolution of the internet in Philippines you first must understand how people are connected to the internet. The Philippines saw a dramatic rise of internet users from 23 million in 2010 to 73 million in 2020. Most of these users’ report accessing the internet via their mobile

Creating and Maintaining Company Culture in a Pandemic World

Xelure founders worked 20+ years in the Fintech space supporting mission critical trading systems so BCP (business continuity planning) was part of our day-to-day fabric. With the eruption of Taal volcano on January 12th last year, this plan came in handy as everyone was prepared to work from home as

Philippines Enters Largest Global Trading Block: Thoughts on Implications for Outsourcing

What is RCEP? Last November 16, amid a Global Health Emergency the Philippines signed on to the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement or RCEP. This deal includes all ASEAN members– the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Brunei — and trading partners China, Japan, South Korea,

Top Ten Tech Trends 2020

The pandemic opened doors and opportunities. Here’s a look back on the ten tech trends in 2020. In this pandemic year, tech made individuals, organizations, and governments reconsider their digital transformation. In 2020 these technologies and practices have staved off the risk of infection and changed the way we work,

Shifting Gears to Remote Work in the Pandemic

Hiring attitudes during the pandemic, including businesses that have proved they can thrive in a remote work environment, has been very erratic to measure owing to the uncertainties surrounding the long-term effects of the pandemic and its prospects. One thing is certain, almost a year later, is businesses don’t want

Church@Home: Observing Holy Week in the Time of the Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic is upending our way of life. As the world’s governments put their respective countries and cities under lockdown to contain the spread of the virus, this crisis is not only disrupting economies, it is changing the ways we live, work, play and even the way we worship.

Xelure COVID-19 Planning

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” I believe that sentence captures not only the great stress and uncertainty of our times right now, but also contains a way forward, a way out. What we do in the time of crisis, not only as individuals

Microsoft Collaboration Tools for Remote Work

Entering 2020, companies throughout the world have seen the shifts and effects of multiple catastrophic disasters. Much like Super Storm Sandy in 2012, the 2003 SARS epidemic, and economic downturns the global community can clearly identify the impending catastrophe and similar to the Titanic, we scream “ICEBERG, ICEBERG” in futility.

Key Technologies that Help You Build a Remote Team in 2020

Picture this: you’re a startup founder with a definite sense of how you would operate. You want to get the best available talent you need wherever they are located, at rates you could afford. You want to build a successful business without sacrificing your personal life. A business flexible enough that you

Why Now is the Best Time to Build Your Remote Team in Manila

Looking for the best time to build a remote team in the Philippines?   Hiring in December to January is arguably the best time to do so.   As the end of 2019 approaches, many companies are closing their 2019 books and have the foundation to their 2020 budgets.  Others are looking to

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Is Remote Work Liberating Businesses – forbes.com

I have a similar background to the author and agreed with many of his insights. I have to disagree with the “lack of social interaction” working remotely. You can build culture remotely – it a matter of making time for it.

Virtual employee engagement activities can help with social interactions amongst employees. Helping them get to know each other as well as making them closer with each other.

7 Key Challenges Facing the Recruitment Sector in the Pandemic Era – bbntimes.com

AI and Recruitment technology developed during the pandemic has given us the tools to sort thru the global talent pool and find the perfect match based on skills and experience!

But this doesn’t mean the end to your Talent Acquisition team as people skills are ever important as we embrace the virtual workforce. Firms need to invest in their recruiters and upskill them so that they can hire people that embrace the team dynamic and company culture

7 Key Challenges Facing the Recruitment Sector in the Pandemic Era