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Key Technologies that Help You Build a Remote Team in 2020

Picture this: you’re a startup founder with a definite sense of how you would operate. You want to get the best available talent you need wherever they are located, at rates you could afford. You want to build a successful business without sacrificing your personal life. A business flexible enough that you

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Cultivating Culture, Incubating Success

This article from Entrepreneur magazine keeps popping up in my Google feed, so I finally read it even though I did not agree with the headline.  The author makes three key points about building your team that I agree with 100%.  You create a collaborative environment. Collaboration breeds creativity, and creativity is the

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Xelure: The Take Off

It has been a busy quarter to kick off our fifth year! We added 10 people to join us on our adventure, we built out our web services team, hired a business development team, got through trademarking our new brand, challenged our creative team to rebuild and animate our website

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