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Is Remote Work Liberating Businesses – forbes.com

I have a similar background to the author and agreed with many of his insights. I have to disagree with the “lack of social interaction” working remotely. You can build culture remotely – it a matter of making time for it.

Virtual employee engagement activities can help with social interactions amongst employees. Helping them get to know each other as well as making them closer with each other.

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7 Key Challenges Facing the Recruitment Sector in the Pandemic Era – bbntimes.com

AI and Recruitment technology developed during the pandemic has given us the tools to sort thru the global talent pool and find the perfect match based on skills and experience!

But this doesn’t mean the end to your Talent Acquisition team as people skills are ever important as we embrace the virtual workforce. Firms need to invest in their recruiters and upskill them so that they can hire people that embrace the team dynamic and company culture

7 Key Challenges Facing the Recruitment Sector in the Pandemic Era

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Benefits of Outsourcing 2021 – smallbusinesscomputing.com

This article had the right idea about embracing the global resource pool but the idea of outsourcing your help desk or back office services is straight out of 2010. All I can say is #Remote Teams is the new #Outsourcing.

#Upwork, # Fiverr and now even Linkedin have made it easy for small firms to hire from the global talent pool for projects and the new collobaration technology has given us all the ability to manger our remote resources.

Is anyone not taking advantage of extending your core team abroad?

Top Advantages of Outsourcing 2021

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War For Talent – Hiring Trends 2021 – news9live.com

The technology resource shortage is the worst since we faced the rollout of the EU, Y2k and the Dot-Com boom.

What is your firm doing to build your tech stack for 2022 and beyond?

  1. Hire resources abroad?
  2. Hire junior talent and build for the future?
  3. Hire junior talent right out of the tech academy’s
  4. upskill your current team on technologies of the future?

Hiring Trends 2021: War for talent is going to be massive now: IBM

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